Drama therapy


Are you tired of talking about your problems? Do you want to try a therapy in which you work actively yourself? Then you have come to the right place by me!


In drama therapy we work with experiential and non- verbal methods. This gives you a new experience., these exercises offer you the opportunity to look at your own situation  from a distant with a different view. Further, these experiences offer guidance and support to make changes in daily life. Aspects of real life can be given a place in the play.

Drama therapy focuses on achieving changes in thinking, feeling and acting, which can make your problems disappear or reduce. Or you can learn to deal differently with your problems. Next to conversation, we work in drama therapy with various  non- verbal methods  taken from drama and theatre such as role play, improvisation, working with text and stories, cards and creative writing. 


 In the therapy I  too use other therapeutic methods such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Sandplay, Narrative Therapy. Polyvagal theory and exercises drawn from Art therapy


Below is a brief overview of some of the methods used:

  1. ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) is a new form of Behavioral Therapy. Within ACT you learn to stop the pointless fight with annoying thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. This allows you to  focus your attention better on the things that are really important to you in life (values). At the heart of ACT is the philosophy that fighting unavoidable circumstances ultimately comes at the cost of living a vital and valuable life.


Narrative Therapy: Every person has a story which is influenced by their history, life events and labels others have given them. Every day this story is influenced by new developments, other people, the media. When people get stuck in their story, they often only see the negative sides. This creates a problem story that prevents people from moving forward in their lives. Narrative therapy externalises the problem story from the person so that together  a new story can be developed  which is more suited. 


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